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What If I'm Not Happy With My Doctor?

Workers’ Compensation is kind of like the government. It provides you with certain benefits, but if you want to utilize those benefits, you have to follow their rules. If you are injured on the job and your employer sends you to a doctor of their choice, are you stuck with that doctor? The answer is maybe. You are entitled to change doctors and exercise your choice so long as you have not been treating with the first doctor for more than six months and that doctor did not perform surgery on you. If either of the later have occurred, there is a presumption that they are “your choice”.

However, your choice of physician is allowed to refer you to as many other specialists as you may need and they will still be considered your choice. This is called the “chain” of referrals. So long as the doctors are in the chain, they should be paid by the comp carrier.

Remember how important records are to your case? Records come from your doctor. Therefore the “choice of physician” decision is a serious one. If you need help with this decision, let me know.

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