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Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do During a Workers’ Comp Case

I recently posted two video blogs on this topic, but I know some people like to see a list. So this is a synopsis of what the videos covered in case you want to print it out. You can also refer to this and many other legal topics on my blog page at

Things You Should Do During a Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Case:

1. Be honest with your attorney and your doctors

2. Keep your attorney updated after all medical appointments

3. If your doctor wants to refer you to a specialist, speak to your attorney first

4. Request a work status report from your doctor at every appointment

5. Let your attorney know if your contact information changes

6. Attend all doctor’s appointments, or contact your attorney if there is a conflict

7. Be prepared to live on a shoestring budget during your claim

8. Be prepared to conduct a thorough job search after your doctor releases you back to work

Things You Should Not Do During a Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Case:

1. Allow a Nurse Case Manager to attend doctor’s appointments with you(unless otherwise instructed by your attorney)

2. Miss doctor’s appointments or physical therapy

3. Post on social media

4. See doctor’s prior to approval by workers’ compensation adjuster

5. Apply for Social Security Disability, Family Medical Leave, Medicare, Medicaid, or Short Term Disability(talk to your attorney)

6. Use illegal drugs or unprescribed medications

7. Quit

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