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Medical Records are Everything! Part 1

The most important single aspect of your Workers’ Compensation claim are the medical records. Here is the situation I see quite often. Client goes to the doctor, the doctor makes a referral or orders some type of additional treatment. Lets say it is an MRI. Client just waits and never hears anything and finally calls me to report the delay. I explain to the client that we need the order or prescription in writing and the fastest way to get it is for you, the client to request the record. So the client has to make a separate trip to the doctor’s office, make the request, then deliver the record to me. I can then file a Motion to Compel and push the process along.

We can cut down on the time it takes to get this done if you, the client, will simply ask the doctor for the order or prescription at the time it is made. The quicker I have that document, the quicker I can get the treatment pushed through.

Have a great day!

J. Kevin Rundlett


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