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How to Rocket Forward

I just read a great book called Friday Forward, by Robert Glazer. One of the recommendations for success in the book is to put your time and energy into the things you enjoy and are good at doing. I saw a commercial last night that said the same thing in a different way. It said to remove the parts of yourself you don’t want to be, and you will be left exactly as you are supposed to be.

I know this is not technically related to legal stuff, but nonetheless it’s powerful. Think of a rocket ship in space with multiple thrusters. If all the thrusters are engaged, the ship is going to spin around and go nowhere. If only the one, main thruster is engaged the rocket will zoom forward on a straight path.

This is why I have focused my practice on helping injured workers. If you find yourself in need of an attorney, find one who specializes in the area of law in which you need help.

Have a great week!


“Judge less, love more”- JKR

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