Our Mission is to lead injured workers through their workers comp case to help them get the treatment and income they need quickly and to help people make sure their families are properly cared for should something happen to them.

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Mr. Rundlett represents people who were injured at work or who were injured because of someone else's negligence. Kevin Rundlett has extensive courtroom experience. You can be confident he will provide you with the highest quality legal counsel and will work with you to obtain the best outcome possible for your claim.

Workers' Compensation

In Mississippi and most states, on the job injuries must be processed through the Workers' Compensation Commission. At Rundlett Law Firm we have extensive experience with handling workers' compensation claims. Please contact us or fill out the consultation form for a free consultation if you have been injured on the job.

Last Will and Testament

Never leave your family's future to chance. A properly executed Will clearly spells out your last wishes, provides you with peace of mind, and alleviates stress for your family should something happen to you. 

Navigating a Workers’ Compensation Claim



Thanks so much for helping my brother with his case. We're all happy with the way it worked out and appreciate your kindness during the process. See you soon.




Dear Mr. Rundlett,


Just a note to let you know I received your check in the mail January 26, 2006. It was more than I had expected, and I want to thank you for all the time you put into taking care of my case. Thank you again.

In appreciation,


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If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to call now!
  • Were you injured while working?

  • Were you injured while traveling to work?

  • Were you injured while traveling for work?

  • Are you getting delays with treatment?

  • Are you getting a run around from your employer?

  • Is your employer forcing you to use sick or personal time for an injury?

  • Has your doctor placed restrictions on what you are able to do?

  • Were you fired because of a work injury?

  • Has a doctor referred you to a specialist but your employer will not approve?

  • Has your doctor recommended surgery but your employer will not approve?

  • Is your employer forcing you to use your personal insurance?

  • Is your employer sending you forms to sign that you don’t understand?

  • Is your employer sending someone with you on your doctor visits?

  • Do you feel like the doctor your employer sent you to is not on your side?

  • Are you off work and not getting paid?

  • Have your benefits been cut off?

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